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Rainblade Studios LLC is a digital media company specializing in Unity3D development to create AR/VR, mobile, and desktop apps. We build applications ranging from educational math games to VR training simulations. Got an idea? We can help!


NBA Math Hoops

As Lead Engineer, I managed a multi-disciplined team to create Learn Fresh Education Co's first mobile experience.

Check it out here:

NBA Math Hoops (iOS)

Apex Energy Group

Contracted by Apex Energy Group to update existing apps and build from scratch new apps, including a VR experience and an internal sales application.

Check out Apex Story, a fun experience explaining Apex Energy Group's history:

Apex Story (iOS)

(I was the Unity Developer for the project)

Reflex Speed

Currently building out a new way of helping athletes improve their skills.

Check out their website to learn more:

Reflex Speed


Working with the insanely talented team at Infuse Medical, I was the developer that built out this app to help medical professionals gain a better understanding of the spine, and the various algorithms used in diagnosing spinal problems. I used Unity3d, and the Unity work was developed while employed by Infuse Medical.

Check it out:

Medtronic Posture App (iOS)


Working with designers and artists and the Creative Director at Infuse Medical, I was the developer for a webGL application built to showcase medical equipment, and allow the user to customize their setup of the equipment.

Unity work was developed while employed by Infuse Medical.

Check it out:

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Equalize Math

Designed, developed and launched this indie game that is a fast-paced number-crunching math race. Built for iOS and Android, it has cross-platform leaderboards. It was chosen as IndieGames.com pick of the week.

Find it here:

Equalize Math (Android)

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